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My Kids Hate the Custody Arrangement – What Can I Do to Make Their Voices Heard?

Even in the best of circumstances, divorce can be difficult for children. Children are often resistant to change: adapting to new schedules and surroundings, learning to live with one parent at a time, and getting along with possible new stepsiblings or half-siblings are all big changes, ones which can challenge a child’s developing social skills and coping mechanisms. However, many, if not most, children with divorced parents eventually adapt and thrive, growing into healthy and

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Child support after the age of 18

Child Support After the Age of 18

In a typical divorce involving children without joint custody, there will be one parent who pays child support. Normally, that parent would be the one who the child does not live with full time. The most common belief is that after the child turns 18, the child support ends.

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