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Criminal Law Defense Strategies

When accused of a crime, many clients want to know what strategies are available to them for defending their case. Because criminal courts require that a judge or jury determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it is up to the defense attorney to use a strategy that creates such doubt in a client’s criminal case. While there are many strategies defense attorneys use to help clients receive an acquittal, the four most commonly discussed include

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Differences Between a Criminal Case and a Civil Case

Wrongdoing is addressed under two different types of cases: criminal and civil. Civil cases generally involve disputes between individuals. These cases are disputed through civil lawsuits. Criminal cases, on the other hand, are considered offenses against the state, or society as a whole. The state is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases. While there may be some overlap between civil and criminal cases, an important distinction between them are the legal standards of proof. In every

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Do You Know How to Hire A Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney can help to make sure that you receive the most optimal outcome possible, since after all, a criminal record can greatly affect your life. It is important to consult a criminal defense lawyer, as this individual understands the court system and can explain the charges filed and how to best defend these charges.

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