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Snow and Ice Accidents

Snow and ice accidents are common premises liability cases in Massachusetts. The recent law change in Massachusetts increased responsibility for those who are liable for snow and ice accidents.  Property owners are now responsible for removing both natural and unnatural snow and ice accumulations; before July 2010 property owners were only responsible for unnatural accumulations and keeping their property safe throughout the winter.

Property Owners Responsibility

Snow and Ice Attorney - Revelli Law in Worcester MA - Attorneys at Law in MassachusettsIn snow and ice cases, the property owner or person controlling the property must use reasonable care to prevent dangerous walking conditions due to snow and ice.  If reasonable care is not taken, the owner of the premises may be liable for any snow and ice injuries sustained in both natural and unnatural snow and ice accumulations.

Property owners consist of homeowners, private companies or municipalities.  Examples of liable parties in a snow and ice accident are property managers responsible for maintaining the premises or snow and ice removal companies whose work is done poorly.

When it comes to snow and ice claims, Massachusetts law states that the property owner must be notified of the accident within 30 days.

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