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Larceny Offenses

Larceny is a crime involving the wrongful acquisition – typically a nonviolent theft – of the personal property of another person. State statues generally break larceny down into six different elements.  These elements are as follows: (1) the wrongful taking (2) and carrying away (3) the personal property (4) of another person (5) without his or her consent (6) with the intent to steal it.

Larceny Lawyer - Revelli Law in Worcester MA - Attorneys at Law in MassachusettsLarceny offenses specifically relate to physical property that can be moved and picked up, not services, ideas or other non-tangible property.  The ‘taking’ element requires the offender to have actual physical control of the property, even if that control is only momentary.

If you have been charged with a larceny offense in Worcester County, contact us to schedule your consultation. We will explain the charges against you, punishments for larceny offense, the judicial process, and possible defense points.

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