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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorney - Revelli Law in Worcester MA - Attorneys at Law in MassachusettsCivil litigation is a legal dispute between two parties or multiple parties in which one is seeking monetary damages for something that the other party caused, directly or indirectly.  There is a variety of civil litigation disputes, some of which include personal injury claims, landlord/tenant conflicts and medical malpractice.

More generally speaking, civil litigation can be between two individuals, between a consumer and a business, or between two businesses.

  1. Civil litigation cases between a consumer and business– also called business litigation. Can be pursued when the service or product the business produces somehow causes harm to the consumer to the extent where damages could be due.
  2. Civil litigation cases between two businesses– also called commercial litigation. If two companies are involved in business together and one wrongs the other, the business at fault could owe the other business compensation for the losses incurred from that wrong-doing.
  3. Civil litigation cases between two individuals– in these cases one person is seeking compensation for a wrong-doing that resulted in some sort of injury or loss.

Each civil litigation case is different and can involve different experts in order to determine how much one party may be entitled to in terms of damages.  At Revelli & Luzzo we want to help make the process of pursuing civil litigation as pain-free for you as possible.

Please call our civil litigation attorneys or request your consultation with our civil litigation attorneys if you have any concerns or need assistance with civil litigation.

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