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Social Media and Divorce: How Your Online Presence Could Affect Your Divorce Proceedings

Social media has become a part of people’s everyday lives in the last decade. With sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, there are plenty of places for people to share daily updates and pictures of their lives. However, there can be a point when you share too much,

Fought the good fight for my children

27 Mar No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

If you are a man facing divorce in Massachusetts believe me when I say that you need to hire Attorney Jon Revelli. You are in for the toughest battle of your life and your future is at stake. The deck is stacked against you, and believe me when I say

Tough OUI Case

27 Mar No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Anthony was recommended to me by a friend for an OUI/DUI case. Throughout the entire process he was clear about what could happen and all the steps he would take to prevent that from happening. He never sugarcoated anything and was always upfront about what the consequences could be. Anthony

Massachusetts’s New Drugged Driving Laws

Massachusetts has recently become the eighteenth state to have voted in favor of the legalization of medicinal marijuana. By 2016, the legalization of recreational marijuana is predicted to be voted into law as well.  A Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll released in February 2014 found that 53 percent of likely Massachusetts

Top DUI OUI Attorney

27 Jan No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Anthony was recommended by a friend for an DUI/OUI case. The police report was horrible and I failed the breathalyzer. Anthony was very attentive and honest with me from the first meeting. He ended up getting the breathalyzer thrown out at a motion hearing and then beat the case at

How to Tell Kids About Divorce

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