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Understanding Massachusetts OUI Laws

2 Apr No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, OUI / DUI / Drunk Driving

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has passed a number of laws in the past decade that are very harsh on those who are arrested for operating under the influence (OUI).  If you are stopped and charged with OUI, you will need to have a basic understanding of the penalties you could

Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act

8 Mar No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, Family Law

Many parents-to-be wonder just how much time from work they can take off when their child is born. Effective April 7, 2015, under Massachusetts law, men and women will both be covered under the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (MMLA), which makes them eligible for eight weeks of job-protected leave related

Comparative Fault in Massachusetts

18 Feb No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, Personal Injury

Massachusetts law uses a rule called comparative fault (aka “Comparative/Contributory Negligence”) when determining financial damages in a personal injury case. In effect, a determination will be made regarding what percentage of fault is assigned to the victim of an injury as well as the fault assigned to the person believed

Snow and Ice. Slip and Fall.

11 Feb No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, Personal Injury

Winter in Massachusetts is a time of snow, ice and even hail. Property owners now have to worry about the potential liability they face from snow and ice, which can cause slip and fall injuries more than ever before. In 2010, the MA Supreme Court basically changed property liability rules

Drug Possession Laws in Massachusetts

3 Dec No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, Criminal Defense, Drug Offenses, Practice Areas

In spite of the changes made by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in minimizing some mandatory sentencing requirements, being arrested for possession of drugs in the Massachusetts carries harsh sentences, fines and a potential loss of driving privileges. Under Massachusetts law, except for possession of amounts of less than one ounce

The Massachusetts Divorce Process

5 Nov No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, Divorce Law, Family Law, Practice Areas

No one enters a marriage with the idea that it is going to end in divorce. However, for many couples a divorce is the only solution for an unhappy situation. If you’re considering filing for divorce in Massachusetts, make sure you understand the two types of dissolutions available to you.

Great Lawyer, Great Guy

14 Aug No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

When I hit a low-point in my life, Jon was there to help. He not only listened to my case, but he believed in my innocence and took every precaution in my defense to have the case dismissed. Jon goes the extra mile in every aspect of his work, whether

Respected attorney in the court room

5 Aug No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

I hired Jon to represent me in my divorce. He was very knowledgeable and well versed. He is respected in the court room and handles himself professionally. His secretary is right on top of things and gets things done in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to hire Jon

Top Notch Attorney

26 Jul No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

My case was serious and complicated. Jon listened to my concerns, and immediately knew the ins and outs of the legalities. He was available over a long period of time for questions and excellent advice about my options. Jon had to come into an unfamiliar county. Nevertheless, he was at

Highly recommend Attorney Jon Revelli

27 May No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

I hired Jon Revelli for a OUI case and he was outstanding. He was knowledgeable and respectful throughout the entire process. Jon explained everything clearly and helped guide me through this process. I highly recommend Jon for legal matters, he is a true professional. by Nick, a DUI client

Honest and respected

27 Apr No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

We hired Jon Revelli for an OUI hearing. Jon was both professional and comforting explaining everthing every step of the way. He returned all our calls and answered all of our many questions patiently. It was obvious he had the respect of his many peers in the courtroomm from the

Great, Responsive Attorney

27 Apr No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Attorney Luzzo took over our case because our attorney who originally had our case was having a really difficult time with the court system in Massachusetts. Our case was a DUI case that lasted for two years and never got resolved because of, what I feel, was an abuse of

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