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Construction Accidents: What You Need to Know if Injured

Workplace accidents happen far too often, especially on or near construction sites. Workers are subjected to serious industry specific hazards due to the dangerous nature of the profession. In Massachusetts the construction industry is thriving and the number of construction accidents is rising. Statistics from the United States Department of Labor tell

Best OUI Attorney in Worcester

20 Mar No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

In November of 2015 I was charged with operating under the influence. I hired Anthony for my legal representation after receiving a recommendation from a close family friend. Anthony did not disappoint. With help from his counsel and his close examination of the evidence, I was found not guilty at

Best 2nd offense dui attorney

17 Oct No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Attorney Jon Revelli knows the legal system well. The DUI case contained an accident, witnesses, and video footage. As the cards were stacked against in the case, Jon Revelli was still able to have a finding of not guilty . Highly recommended Jon Revelli by P. – DUI defense client

What Can Be Modified in a Divorce Agreement

21 Sep No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles ,

Having the provisions of a divorce agreement modified under Massachusetts law is possible, based on how the separation agreement was written and the circumstances bringing about the request for a modification. Before bringing your modification request to the court, you need to consult with an experienced divorce attorney. The first

Excellent job handling my case

6 Sep No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

I want to thank Mr. Luzzo and his staff for a excellent job handling my case. They went above and beyond for me and I greatly appreciate it. I would 100% recommend there services to anyone that asked me. by A. – Criminal Defense

Attorney with clients best interests in mind

31 Aug No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

I hired Anthony to represent me in a theft larceny case. I have had no experience what so ever at 39 years of age of dealing with anything of this magnitude. It was an EXTREMELY odd and complicated case to say the least, that lasted for well over a year.

Efficient, professional, and effective counsel

17 Jun No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Attorney Revelli recently finished my case—a Modification of my Separation Agreement. I am very satisfied with the result, and can warmly recommend Attorney Revelli and his paralegal, Julie Neri, to anyone seeking divorce-related legal services. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Revelli’s efficiency in communicating, whether it was in emails,

Top Criminal Defense Attorney

16 May No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

My son got himself into some trouble and Jon treated us as if we were the only clients he had. He was available to us and when he wasn’t available we would get a call back from him within 24hrs. His knowledge and court manners are impeccable. by Sara, Juvenile

Divorce 101: A Quick Intro To Filing For Divorce In Massachusetts

12 May No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles

Many couples start out in marriage with great hopes and expectations, only to end up in a relationship that unfortunately does not work. There are many steps in the divorce process in Massachusetts and just as many avenues to take depending on your situation. Here is a brief introduction to

Strong attorney with strong values

30 Dec No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Jon has helped me with two divorce situations. His attention to detail and knowledge of the Worcester Courts and family law is unparalleled. At all times, I felt that he had the best interest of my family and especially my children at the forefront. His team, including his secretary Julie

Skilled, professional and very responsive divorce attorney

3 Dec No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Client Reviews

Anthony is a knowledgeable lawyer. He helped me to get my divorce finalized quickly and successfully. He and his staff were quick and responsive with any questions I had during my divorce. I would highly recommend Attorney Anthony J. Luzzo as a skilled, professional and very responsive divorce attorney who

Three things about OUI/DUI you wish you had known sooner

If you’ve been pulled over and charged with OUI in Massachusetts, there are three things about Massachusetts OUI/DUI laws that you’ll wish you’d known sooner. Let’s start with some definitions. OUI means “operating under the influence” of alcohol, while DUI means “driving under the influence” of alcohol. While many states

The First Step In The Divorce Process

7 Aug No Comments Revelli & Luzzo Articles, Divorce Law, Family Law

Ending a marriage is a difficult and stressful decision. But, the decision is only the first step in ending a marriage. Once you have decided that divorce is best for you and your spouse, the next step is finding an attorney. A law firm well-versed in Massachusetts law pertaining to

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