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Welcome to the law office of Anthony J. Luzzo, P.C.

We are Worcester, Massachusetts trial attorneys  committed to our clients and community.

We have been serving individuals, families, and small businesses in Worcester County since 1962. As a well-established law firm, our attorneys are able to provide clients with the benefits of extensive legal experience, strong community relationships and personal service. Each member of the office is familiar with all cases and able to be readily available to answer questions and give advice. If you have a legal problem or a question regarding a legal matter, call us to schedule your consultation.

Anthony J. Luzzo, P.C.
Attorney At Law
370 Main Street, Suite 900
Worcester, MA 01608

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense: If you’ve been convicted of a crime or charged with an offense in Massachusetts and need experienced and proven legal representation in court, we can help. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys in matters involving OUI /DUI Drunk Driving, Assault and Battery, Restraining Orders, Drug Offense, and Larceny Offenses. In order to defend your rights and mitigate the damage, it is in your best interest to speak with our criminal defense attorneys before speaking with the police. [Learn more…]

Personal Injury

Personal Injury: Suffering an injury due to an accident or the fault of another can change your life. Although your injury may seem manageable at first, many injury victims learn weeks and months after the incident that their injury is more severe then they originally thought. The cost of medical bills and time away from work increases while your quality of life decreases. If you’ve suffered an injury from a car accident, slip and fall, or another incident that was not your fault, you need a proven and powerful personal injury attorney to recover your damages and help get your life back on track..  [Learn more…]


Family Law: The issues involving family law are emotional and stressful. Whether you’re thinking about filing for divorce, negotiating child custody, or requesting a modification to your existing divorce agreement, you need an experienced and confident family law attorney on your side. We handle all issues regarding Massachusetts family law cases including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and contempt. If you are in need of a seasoned family law attorney,  call us to schedule your consultation.  [Learn more…]

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We are trial lawyers who are in court every day advocating on behalf of our clients.

We take a team approach with every case so that each member of our office is well versed in every client’s case.

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